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Jun 10, 2022
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How to deal with the blockage of sewage pump? Cold water shall be used to clean with solvent. If the blockage is serious, the human resources shall be transmitted after the pump body is disassembled and assembled. Frequent pump disassembly will accelerate the damage of relevant components of the pump mouth ring. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid blockage as much as possible. During the operation, the following common problems can be used to reduce the blockage of the sewage pump. After knowing how to deal with the blockage of the sewage pump, it is very necessary for the operators of machinery and equipment to apply appropriate maintenance methods to reduce the probability of blockage of machinery and equipment. As long as it is a sewage pump with qualified quality, there is very little blockage when solving the waste water matching the specifications. The blockage is usually caused by the untimely daily maintenance. For example, if the pump is not cleaned immediately after the waste water with high liposuction viscosity, the material will inevitably solidify over a long period of time, causing the centrifugal impeller of the pump to be stuck and blocked. In order to better reduce this situation, the customer must formulate a timely maintenance and repair plan according to the application of well-known brands of sewage pumps, so as to lubricate the grease on time and ensure the actual lubrication effect of machinery and equipment. At the same time, the customer must inspect the internal spare parts such as gear rack, centrifugal impeller, rolling bearing, piston rod, etc., immediately replace the brittle or severely damaged parts, and clean up the hydraulic machine. In addition, before the sewage pump is used and placed for a long time, it must be operated in the sewage well for several minutes to achieve the actual effect of high-pressure cleaning of the pump chamber. On the whole, the operators should be more concerned about how to deal with the problem of sewage pump blockage. It is generally proposed to assign full-time personnel to supervise and manage the sewage pump in the whole process, and regularly maintain the winding resistance of the submersible pump and the grounding resistance in the middle of the shell. Every 400 hours, the automobile oil in the grooves is removed and replaced up and down, especially the value traceability of the sealing ring between the centrifugal impeller and the pump housing. If it is a deep submersible sewage pump, it must be removed from the water in the future when it is not easy to reuse, so as to reduce the opportunity of motor rotor winding resistance and moisture return. After the detailed introduction of the above contents, it is believed that you also have a detailed understanding of how to deal with the blockage of the sewage pump. It is only necessary to select the sewage pump with matching characteristics according to the specific working conditions and transported substances, and the blockage is very rare Teach you how to solve the burning of screw vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer