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ZZZZZ* ... Beautiful Tenby bouncing with IT businesses. Staff cafeing, beaching, boating, playing golf ...


... and he wakes to find reality and welsh politics are taking their time. But why not? Tenby IS one of the most beautiful towns in the world, with assets and potential to die for. Where else can you keep a boat, play golf on one of the world’s best links, schmooze in cafes ... kite surf .. walk the stunning coast path .. laze on beaches .... Excellent rail links and the weather is pretty good.  


Promoted as a place to live and work, Tenby WOULD be bouncing (and tourism would take care of itself).


Blogging, Twittering and Facebooking by a few wiley creative individuals can put the word out and get the band wagon rolling. And success might attract further education - a tourism college perhaps? and research facilities (alternative power and marine research are already strong in the area). Good for the town, good for the region, good for Wales. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves...We don’t have to wait for politicians - though a rates moratorium would oil the wheels...


From little acorns – oaks do grow .. more Horlicks and back to the dream ..




* Reactive dream brought on by ‘Under Ply Wood’ – Bob Croydon’s dystopian adaptation of the Dylan Thomas play, performed at the Welsh School of Architecture and reviewed in Touchstone issue 19 (Sept 2012)